10 Health Factors That Affect a Man’s Sex Life

Sexual function and activity are essential parts of a man’s life, regardless of his civil status, sexual preference, and age. A man’s sexual function is a natural part of his being and is crucial to his overall health and well being.

Having a normal sex life causes lower blood pressure, reduces mortality rates, improves sleep and overall mental health, strengthens relationships, and reduces the risk of prostate cancer — among other diseases.

The coordination of various bodily systems determines a man’s sexual function. The whole body participates, especially the brain, which releases chemicals and hormones that regulate the body’s sexual urges and responses. In line with these, the heart that pumps blood to essential reproductive organs during sex. 

Any abrupt change or imbalance in the body that affects any of the functions of hormones, nerves, muscles, and blood can directly cause problems in a man’s sex life. Thankfully, Mannofit can easily help with these problem areas. Read on to maintain your physical health and improve your sexual performance without too much pressure.


What are the main problems men face in their sex life?

A man generally has three problems when it comes to sexual activity:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Low sex drive/libido

Erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot get an erection or has trouble keeping one. Premature ejaculation, on the other hand, is when a man ejaculates before penetration or ejaculates too soon after penetration. The lack of sexual drive or libido is a broad problem that could result from a multitude of factors.

These sexual activity issues are commonly caused by hormonal imbalances, injuries affecting blood flow and muscles, among other things. The following health factors could affect sexual functionality, and making a change on most of them could gradually fix the issues.

One of the changes you could apply is implementing the use of vitamins in your lifestyle. As a specially formulated drug for men, Mannofit will allow your physical health to take charge in these areas without compromising your sex life — in fact, Mannofit can even help in improving it. Continue reading to witness its benefits for your entire body and mindset.


Health factors that affect a man’s sex life



To improve sex life, men should aim for more physical activity. Physically active men have a better sexual function since exercise boosts a man’s ability to maintain erections and have orgasms.

Men who have at least two hours of rigorous weekly activities or six hours of light activities will see these effects. However, lacking exercise or leading a sedentary lifestyle could lead to weight gain. Overweight men are more prone to having erectile dysfunctions.

If you want to make your exercise sessions more effective, combining them with helpful vitamins like Mannofit can speed up your results. Since Mannofit contains all the essential nutrients you need to sustain enough energy, you will feel more empowered and energized during your workouts.



Smoking is a dangerous hobby that could cause a myriad of health problems, from lung cancer to heart disease. However, the impact of smoking does not affect respiratory health alone.

Studies show that excessive smoking can cause damage to sperm cells, which makes it difficult or even impossible for men to father children. In addition, smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction.

On a brighter note, quitting smoking can dramatically reduce the effects and the risks of all health issues, including sexual reproductive ones. 


Alcohol and drug use

Excessive use of alcohol and drugs can significantly harm a man’s sex life. Heavy drinking and drug abuse can affect testosterone and other hormones, which will lead to erectile dysfunction and could cause infertility. 

Men who drink heavily are also more prone to having risky sexual encounters. An example of such an encounter is having unprotected sex with one or more partners. Just like in smoking, quitting can help mitigate the effects of alcohol and drugs on your overall health.


Mental health issues

Mental health issues have staggering effects on a man’s libido. For instance, anxiety and low self-confidence could cause a man to ejaculate prematurely. 

Depression not only makes men sad and feel hopeless, but it also significantly decreases their sex drive. The loss of interest in sex makes it harder to have an erection or even engage in sexual activities.

While there are medications for mental health diseases, they can sometimes be the cause of sexual function issues. Getting to the roots of the problem and enlisting the help of professionals can get your mental health and your sex life back on track. 


Stress and fatigue

When a person is stressed or extremely exhausted, their hormone production gets disrupted and their arteries narrow. For men, these hormonal imbalances can cause low sex drive. Stress also causes premature ejaculation.

Narrowed arteries constrict blood flow to parts of the body, including the reproductive organs. Combined with the low libido, narrowed arteries can cause erectile dysfunction.

To alleviate stress, make sure to take enough rest periods throughout the day and get at least eight hours of sleep every night.



Medications and prescription drugs can affect sex drive and testosterone levels. Maintenance medication for the treatment of depression, high blood pressure, and other prescription drugs can cause a significant decline in male hormones, which leads to lower sex drive and sometimes erectile dysfunction.

If you are having issues with your sexual function and think your medicines cause it, you can talk to your doctor. Your doctor may be able to prescribe you an alternative drug, such as Mannofit.

Glycine, Zinc, and Lycopene are only a few of the nutrients you will get from Mannofit. These nutrients alone can aid your body in keeping up with your current lifestyle, so implementing Mannofit in your diet can bring about significant changes in your sexual performance.



A man’s sex drive fluctuates as he ages. As a man gets older, he experiences a lower libido. By the age of 60, men will have a significant drop in libido and be less interested in sexual activities.


Blood vessel diseases

A penile erection is sustained by having the heart pump blood to necessary reproductive organs, especially the penis itself. Diseases that affect the circulatory system and blood vessels can inhibit the smooth flow of blood and ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction. 

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases are some examples of direct causes that affect and inhibit blood flow.


Nerve damage

The human body functions because the brain is sending signals through the nerves to different organs. Nerve damage caused by diabetes and stroke can cause paralysis in reproductive organs, which leads to erectile dysfunction.



Any injury to the spine, muscles, or reproductive organs can significantly affect a man’s sexual function. For example, men with spinal injuries may still have an erection but could no longer ejaculate or reach orgasm. Other damages to other sexual organs can affect hormones, leading to a lower sex drive.

It is always best to take care of your body before it’s too late. If your lifestyle involves a lot of rigorous activities, it is recommended that you include Mannofit in your list of vitamin supplements. The Glycine and Lycopene content of Mannofit aids in faster muscle regeneration and are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. These alone can improve the quality of life you will experience and preserve your body in the long run for better sexual function.



A man’s sexual function is an integral part of his life. Any problems that cause any issues in his sexual function can be traced back to health issues caused by diseases and lifestyle choices. By making better life decisions and leading a healthier life with Mannofit, men can ensure overall health and wellness, including their sex life.

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