4 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin in Your Fifties

They say 50s are the new 30s. Do you believe in that saying? It may be true to some, since they feel like getting younger. But to others, it’s quite the opposite because they feel older than their age. Honestly, the answer depends on how you feel inside and look outside. Do you easily feel tired and old? Or do you feel as strong as a horse, and haven’t seen any signs of ageing yet? 

To look young, skin plays a very important role. As every year passes by, your skin decreases its elasticity and loses collagen. During your 50s, your skin cells are slowly taking more time to renew and its epidermis is becoming thinner, making it more difficult to hold moisture. This is when signs of ageing start to appear. You will

 notice those fine lines, wrinkles, saggy parts of skin and dark spots becoming more visible. 

But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the line. You can still take care of your skin even if you’re already in your fifties.

In this article, we will show you four ways on how to do it, the healthy and cost-efficient way.


4 ways to take care of your skin in fifties


  • Use skincare

You may not believe in the wonders of skincare, but as you age, you will definitely need it. This time, your skin needs more attention and care as it did before. It is called skincare for a reason, and this is now your reason to use it. 


  • A good skincare must have:
  • Cleanser (facial scrub or exfoliator)
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer (is definitely needed because as previously said, your skin loses its moisture). 
  • Sunscreen (is a must because you are prone to hyperpigmentation and skin problems). 
  • It is also best recommended to stay away from tanning and too much sun. 
  • Do not neglect your neck and hands! When you moisturize your face, moisturize your neck and hands as well. Use lotion and milk soap, or moisturizing body wash. Remember, signs of ageing is not only noticeable on your face, but it is also noticeable on your neck and hands. 
  • When applying skincare and lotion, always do it with gentle application. Avoid pulling your skin because it will become saggier.
  • Try anti-aging skincare with gentle formulation. Truth is, your skin is not as young as before, so you might need the help of anti-aging products. They are designed to reduce signs of ageing while protecting your skin from pollution and free radicals. 


  • Watch your diet and hydrate

Let’s face it, during your 50s, your metabolism becomes slower because you lose lean muscle mass. And not just that, you have a higher chance of gaining weight because your body burns fewer calories. And because of this, you have to watch your diet. What you eat will clearly reflect on your skin. If you have poor nutrition and eat lots of oily foods, your skin will become drier and older. But if you eat a lot of greens, healthy fats and protein-rich foods, your skin will glow more. Not to mention you are away from developing the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

In addition, you have to watch your sugar consumption. Too much sugar will trigger diabetes, leads to inflammation of the body, and will damage your skin’s collagen production. 

Most importantly, hydrate! Our body is composed of 60% water. And we lose that water everytime we sweat, urinate and breathe. So we need lots and lots of water for replenishment. During your 50s, you are vulnerable to heat stroke and dehydration. Drinking water even if you’re not thirsty, will keep you safe from these. At the same time, drinking a sufficient amount of water will make sure that the essential nutrients will be circulated properly in your skin cells, retaining its moisture and elasticity. 


  • Stay active + beauty sleep

These two are of good combination. Staying active physically and mentally will give you a healthy body. And of course, a healthy body will contribute to healthier skin as well. 

To stay active physically:

  • Walk or exercise (or both!) Even if you’re a busy person, make the time to walk even in small spaces. But if you have more time, it would be much better to exercise. 
  • Get moving. Clean, walk your dog, prepare a meal, or do anything you can to prevent yourself from sitting on the couch all day. 

Staying active will get your heart rate up and blood circulation improved to promote collagen production. 

To stay active mentally:

  • Socialize, learn a new hobby, meditate, or collect something. 
  • Have brain exercises like: solving crossword puzzles, playing scrabble, or even learning a new language. 

Being mentally active will lessen your worries and stress. Too much stress will negatively affect your skin, making it look dull and lifeless. Additionally, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles will start to appear. 

Beauty sleep, on the other hand, is getting a full night’s sleep of 7 to 9 hours each night. And as you sleep, your skin rebuilds and renews collagen. Not having enough sleep will interrupt the skin’s rebuilding process, breaking down the collagen, as well as the proteins needed to keep your skin smooth and elastic. 


  • Cut down bad habits

Easy to say but hard to do, right? What bad habits am I talking about? Smoking, too much drinking, stress-eating and many more. But let’s focus on the first two mentioned: 

  • Smoking makes you look older because of the toxins inhaled. It deprives your skin from oxygen and nutrients, while also damaging the collagen. If you compare a smoker vs. a non-smoker, you will easily notice that the skin of the non-smoker looks younger, livelier and healthier. So now is the best time to quit smoking. 
  • Meanwhile, too much alcohol will damage your skin’s protective surface and dehydrate your body. All of these can lead to increased signs of ageing, dullness and dryness. Limit your alcohol intake now. 

So if you want to protect your skin from all these bad habits, quit now and start doing good habits. But if you really can’t avoid it, at least do something healthy that your skin and body will soon thank you for. When bad habits come in, good habits must come in too. 



So there you have it, the 4 ways to take care of your skin in your fifties. Just bear in mind that, what your skin looks like is the manifestation of how you took care of your body. 

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