Redefine Age and Health with a Proven Formulation

With its unique formulation Mannofit has helped over 500,000 men around the world fight the ageing process and improve their:



Urinary Health


Mannofit Supplement


Early 2000s
Mannofit History
Mannofit Developed

Mannofit® was developed initially as a formulation targeted for the male population over 40 to help with prostate problems, ageing, loss of energy and overall wellbeing.

Mannofit History
Mannofit Launched

Mannofit® is launched and sold in key EU markets for well over a decade by German pharmaceutical company ADAKS.

Mannofit History
Mannofit Redeveloped

As a forward-thinking and innovative brand, Mannofit decided to improve the formulation through extensive research and development. After a few short years, a new and improved Mannofit is now available to the public.

Mannofit History
Mannofit Relaunch

Having gone through all stages of testing, now in 2021 you too can join the journey with Mannofit®.

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