Building block for other amino acids and protein synthesis

What Is Glycine?​

Glycine is the smallest amino acid in the body, making it a building block for other amino acids and
for protein synthesis. It is produced by the body although in insufficient amounts, enhancing the
importance of glycine supplementation. Glycine leads to improved heart and brain health, lower
risk of inflammation and oxidative stress, boosted metabolism, and is especially recommended for
athletes or men who engage in HIIT for muscle recovery and enhanced performance.


What is it good for?


Mental & Cognitive Health

Skin & hair Health

Heart & Blood Health

Immune System Support

Bone & Joints Health

Urinary Health​

Prostate Health

Potency Health

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What the experts say.

“Glycine is an amino acid, a compound that your body uses to create protein. While your body does naturally produce glycine, it is also available through protein-rich foods, particularly meat.

As an amino acid, glycine contributes to cellular growth and health.”

Dan Brennan, MD

Mannofit Formulation

L-Glutamic Acid

Most abundant amino acid in the blood stream that is very important for the function of the human body.


An amino acid in the body, making it a building block for other amino acids and for protein synthesis. 


A naturally-occurring amino acid in the body essential for the pH regulation and functioning of the muscles.


One of the antioxidants that play a role in preventing any damage to the collagen in the skin.

Coenzym QIO

A vitamin-like substance found throughout the body.


An essential mineral nutrient found in different body parts. 

Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant that lowers inflammation inside the body and scavenging free radicals.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A’s antioxidant properties make it essential for the maintenance of skin cells, mucus membranes, etc.

Vitamin B6

Necessary for the production of antibodies and red blood cells, it strengthens the immune system


May induce apoptosis in prostate cancer cells and inhibit tumor cell proliferation.


A plant highly rich in vitamins and minerals

Echinacea Purpurea

A natural immune stimulator that strengthens the body’s defense system.


Richest sources of antioxidants due to anthocyanin.

Pollen powder

Powder Full Of Vitamins that helps improve the resilience and immune system of the organism.


Its berries can help alleviate diseases of the urogenital system.


Considered to be an extremely healthy, useful, and accessible plant and medicine due to its vitamin and nutritive value. 

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