Male Health Problems – Prostate

Main Male Health Problems with Prostate and Steps to Prevent these


The prostate is a very small and tiny gland which is part of the male urogenital system. It lies in the midway between the urinary bladder and the urethra. Its function is to produce fluid which makes up the liquid consistency of sperms and this whole ejaculated fluid together with sperms is called semen. It also controls ejaculatory functions. Because of its proximity to the urethra, it is also susceptible to various health problems such as infection, hyperplasia of its smooth muscles, and a life-threatening condition such as prostate cancer.

1. Prostatitis

The infection of the prostate is termed prostatitis. It is a very common disease amongst people who are living an alive unhealthy and unhygienic lifestyle. Because the prostate gland lies right next to the lower urethra, so there are higher chances of it getting infected because of any lower urinary tract infection. Most of the microorganisms responsible for prostatitis are bacteria.

 2. Benign Prostatic hyperplasia

The prostate gland consists of outer smooth muscles and an inner luminal area.

Over decades, muscles of prostate glands due to some hormonal effects undergo hyperplasia. The result is an enlarged prostate which affects urination such as urgency, hesitancy, and dribbling of urine. In simple words, a man loses his control over urination. It is mostly age-related complications.

3. Prostate Cancer

Condition of chronic benign prostatic hyperplasia if not treated can lead to fatal prostate cancer. It is related to the age of patients. The older the person, the higher the risk of developing prostate cancer. Belonging to a particular race and family history are key risk factors. After skin cancer, prostate neoplasm is the most common cause of death due to tumors in men. It is treated with prostatectomy followed by radiation and chemotherapy if required.

4. Prevention

Three key problems related to the prostate are different in their pathology and mode of treatment. So each of it has different treatment and prevention options.

Prostatitis is mainly linked with urinary tract infection, so if one keeps good hygiene and treats his urinary tract infection promptly, prostatitis can be avoided significantly. Another disease problem is benign Prostatic hyperplasia which can be treated by early diagnosis and treatment with medication.

Lifestyle modifications may have some effects on controlling complications such as urgency and hesitancy associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Prostate being an integral part of the male urogenital system plays an important role in semen production as well as controlling the urination process.

It is highly prone to infections because of its anatomical proximity to the lower urinary tract. Which can be prevented by hygiene and prompt treatment.

Other major complications are benign Prostatic hyperplasia that is treated with medications. Prostate Cancer is most common in the elder male population. Surgery is its ultimate solution.

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