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Mannofit helps reduce the inflammation and oxidation and aid in the prevention of enlargement of the prostate that can cause severe pain and other symptoms. It can help prevent benign prostatic hyperplasia that is a common condition mostly after older males.

BPH increases the risk of infections due to urine retention in the bladder, Mannofit cause can aid in against infection of the urinary tract.

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Zinc is an essential mineral nutrient found in different body parts. The prostate has the highest concentration of zinc than any other body part invariably. Zinc is a principal ingredient of metalloproteins that are important for the immune system, antioxidation, and DNA synthesis. According to studies and clinical trials, zinc has shown protective effects and regression of abnormal cellular growth in prostate cancer patients. It inhibits cellular growth by inhibition of antiapoptotic protein and nuclear factor κB.

Lab investigations have also proved the role of zinc in prostate cancer. The levels of zinc in prostate cancer cells is much lesser as compared to normal prostate cells. [i]


Lycopene is a bright carotenoid found in optimum quantities in Mannofit supplement. It shows to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It also helps in BPH prevention and slows the progression of BPH in patients suffering from BPH. Consumption of lycopene supplements reduces the aggressive potential of cancerous cells by impeding neoangiogenesis. Neoangiogenesis is a process in which new blood vessels are formed that provide nutrition for the development of tumor cells. [ii]

Another mechanism by which lycopene reduces the malignant potential is by antioxidant activity. Antioxidant activity decreases the injury to normal cells by free radicals. According to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, lycopene levels are assuring biomarkers of cancer of the prostate. Consuming a high amount of lycopene supplements decreases PSA (prostatic surface antigen) levels, a specific tumor marker for prostate cancer. [iii]



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