Top doctor check-ups every man should do after the age of 50

Aging is inevitable and despite all technological and scientific advancement, humans have not been able to stop it. But still, most of the diseases and health complications are preventable and controllable if a person takes care of his health at regular intervals. They say age is just a number, well it may be true. If a person crosses his 50 years of life. It can be termed as the prime of one’s life, right! Health should be the prime focus at the age of 50. So one needs to attend his doctor for regular physical and medical checkups. These are some tests a person irrespective of gender must go through when he crosses the 50s to save one’s own health and life.

1. Blood pressure

Medical professionals call blood pressure a silent killer disease. It slowly invades one organ after another and ultimately ending up causing an infarction, stroke, or blindness. So every person above the age of 50 must get his blood pressure checked at regular intervals. And get a physician’s help if there is any significant change in it.

2. Lipid profile

Fat deposits have no benefits to your health. Fats especially cholesterols are bad lipids and can cause plenty of deadly health complications such as cardiovascular diseases. So one must get his lipid profile checked after a regular interval.

3. Blood sugar

Diabetes is potentially harmful to older people. Within a short span of time, it can cause blindness and heart failure. If it is left unchecked and untreated, it can easily reduce life expectancy. So blood sugar needs continuous monitoring. For blood sugar fasting and random blood sugar level must be checked on a weekly basis. Whereas HbA1c is a test that a pre-diabetic person must get checked on a yearly basis at least.

4. Prostate cancer screening

Prostate cancer is only cancer that is mostly found in the older male population. That is why a person entering into this age group must consult and seek testing advice from his physician if you need prostate screening or not?

5. Colon cancer

Cases of colon cases are on the rise in the older population. So people who are entering their 50s must get themselves screened for it. The best test for this is the colonoscopy.

6. Stepping on the scales

One must maintain his/her weight in ideal limits by getting regular weight measurements.

7. Protect your eyes

Eyesight is a blessing. But mostly it deteriorates with the advancement in age. That is why one must get his eyesight checked on a yearly basis after crossing his 50s.

Women only test!

  • Pap smear

Cervical cancer is a reality in post-menopausal women. So women above the age of 50 must get their pap smear done every 3-5 years interval.

  • Mammogram

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly found tumors in women of all ages. So women above the 50s are no exception to this. So self-breast examination and getting a mammogram must be the priority of all age group women including older women above 50.

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