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Mannofit helps prevent urinary tract infections and improve the health of the urinary tract. It has antioxidant effects that aid in the decrease of cell injury and chronic kidney diseases. 

Mannofit helps increase the excretion of urine, solutes, and bacteria that prevent urinary retention and infections of the urinary tract.

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Parsley (an ingredient of Mannofit) improves urinary tract health. The underlying mechanism for this potential benefit involves the natural diuretic effect. Diuretic effect means increased excretion of water along with excess solutes. This prevents the formation of kidney stones and also prevents urinary tract infection.

Parsley has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that also prevent urinary tract infections. According to clinical trials, women who consume parsley supplements have a significant decrease in the risk of urinary tract infections (as women are more susceptible than men). [i]


Nettle has diuretic and anti-bacterial properties. These two functions correlate with each other. An increase in urine flow (a diuretic effect) causes harmful bacteria to flush out and leave the body (an anti-bacterial effect). Nettle has profound positive effects on men with BPH. It decreases the lower urinary tract symptoms (especially pain and urgency) in patients with BPH. [ii]

Serenoa Repens

Serenoa repens helps to decrease the progression of BPH in addition to relieving lower urinary tract symptoms. It causes competitive inhibition of 5@-reductase (an enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone). Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes an increase in cell proliferation of the prostate that causes BPH. By inhibiting DHT formation, Serenoa repens decreases the progression of BPH and also provides symptomatic relief. [iii]



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